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Jenseits der Geschichte. Ernst Jüngers Eumeswil im Zeichen der Posthistoire

Nils Lundberg

Pages 317 - 333

The following article elucidates in how far and to what extent Ernst Jünger’s novel Eumeswil reflects central motifs and conceptions that are programmatically connected to the notion of ‘posthistoire’ and its discursive presence during the second half of the 20th century. Focussing on the protagonist’s resignation in view of a highly pessimist understanding of ‘the end of history’ on the one hand, and his artistic attitude in terms of a ‘meta-historical’ point of view on the other, the investigation aims to explore Jünger’s utopian novel as the author’s literary approach towards a post-modern consciousness in respect to his very own aesthetical devices and philosophical guidelines.


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