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Arkadien und das Imaginäre. Eine Einladung in den „Bosco Parrasio“ der Akademie der Arkadier in Rom

Francesca Bravi

Pages 121 - 135

The topic of this paper is Arcadia. The latter is here primarily considered as a place of the imaginary but also as a place of fiction and a real place. Arcadia originally was the name of a region in Greece famous for its particular landscape. Moreover, it became a well known literary landscape, first in Greece, and later as an Italian region, signifying some sort of ideal and idyllic place of pastoral poetry. In 18th century Italy a literary academy, the Accademia dell’Arcadia, rediscovered the tradition inaugurated by Iacopo Sannazaro’s ‘Arcadia’ in the Renaissance. The participants of the Accademia dell’Arcadia met in a place named “Bosco Parrasio”, a garden with an amphitheater and evergreen plants such as laurel and myrtle, in order to recite their poems. This was their Arcadia.


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